Venture Capital Investments

Flint Capital is an international venture capital fund investing across US, Israel and Europe.

We focus on Mobile, SaaS, Advertisement, Financial and Educational Technologies as well as Security and Enterprise sectors. As a team we provide our operational experience in those areas as well as our international connections.

$100M сommitted capital
2015 New office in Boston, US
2014 Headquartered in Barcelona, Spain
2013 Office in Jerusalem, Israel & $50M committed capital
2013 Flint Capital was founded


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    Investment criteria

    • Human Capital

      We are looking for established and effective teams with deep understanding of their target market.

    • Profitability

      The business should be capable of attaining sound financial indicators within a reasonable period of time.

    • Scalability

      Projects should have a demonstrable competitive advantage in their sector and significant growth potential.

    • Target Market

      The fund targets scalable projects oriented towards fast-growing markets, in particular the USA, Israel and Europe.

    • Clear Exit Strategy

      Mergers and acquisitions (M&A), IPO



      Flint Capital has offices in Palo Alto, Boston, Tel Aviv, Moscow